Brand Book Template

Clarify your Strategies.

Brand Book Template

For Marketing Managers



Forgotten ideas
The strategy is not written, does not exist. They are going to be forgotten always. If you have some ideas about your branding strategies but they are not written, you will lose them. You would not be able to think to them when you are going to make a decision. 
Save your time
Besides them, you need to talking about them over and over. At the internal meetings, you need to repetitive reminding, mentioning and explaining why those ideas are right, etc.

Write your strategies

Here is an editable form to collect your strategies and write them down. It is a 14 pages document to put simply your word on that. Clarify your Vision, Mission, Audience, Competitors, PoP, PoD, Brand Position, Brand Personality, Brand Equity, …

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A Branding Challenge:

Explore the mind of managers and staff

If your colleagues do not have the same idea about your brand, your audience would not have either. Then you never have a powerful brand.

First of all, you need to clarify your branding concepts in the mind of your colleagues.  Before, explore what they think of about the brand.
Ask them to fill a form. It does not take much time. By the form, you could collect their idea about your brand. Next analysis of the current situation of your brand.

How to do?

After receiving the fillable pdf file send it to your colleague and ask them to fill the simple questions. And organize a meeting session with all of them and comprehend the answers.