1st Step: Branding Strategy

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Although branding seems to be complicated, however, we have made a process simple and clear.

In the 6~8 strategic session, you will have your branding strategies:

Brand Strategies includes:


Brand Elements
Name, Tagline, Logo Strategy, Color Ratios


Brand Position
What relationship is there between you and your competitors?


Brand Personality
How should you act and behave with them?


Brand Action
How should you act & behave with them?


Strategic Touchpoints
Where you will be seen?


Strategic Message
What messages should you focus on?


Design Strategy
How should your brand look like?


Point of Parity
What kind of important characteristics do you have?


Point of Difference
Which one of your characteristics is more important?

Branding Strategy’s Goal:

The goal of branding strategy is to create  the Brand Book document to strategically determine which audience should be the main audience of your brand from all of the audiences in your industry?What is the most important feature of your company that needs to be emphasized?
Where is the secure position for your brand in relation to other competitors? What should be the brand’s personality?
What are the images that the brand should be presented with?
Where your brand should be in touch with its’ audiences?
What should be the brand’s advertising content? Which name and logo would be suitable for this brand?
How products and subcategories of this brand should be named?




Branding Strategy’s Output:

The output is the Brand Book document that includes 9 branding contents that have been developed in simple, concise and easy to understand language for all the managers and employees. These concepts would be put into discussion in eight joint meetings. The topic and agenda of each meeting would be led by VAND BRANDING but all the data related to your industry and your brand would be received from you.

No strategy, no success

How to start?

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Whether consumers or businesses are your target group, branding helps companies grow. According to Circle Research, almost 80% of B2B marketers agree that without it, their businesses couldn’t expand and develop.