Brand Books are the Bible of Businesses.

It is impossible to become a brand, without a brand book.

When managers are going to make a decision, they need to refer to a bible, to find their own rules. That is why Brand Books are known as the bible of businesses. 

Large Businesses

Branding agencies are appropriate for large and complicated projects. We have helped many of them. Take a look at them.





Medium-sized Businesses

As a medium-sized business, instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars for large branding projects, you can do a major part of it yourself. We have a new solution for it:

Direction Finder™

The Package including:

10 Boards – 35 x 50 Cm

50 Workshop Cards – 21 x 15 cm

40 Audition Form – 30 x 21 cm 

A 20 Page  Manual – 30 x 21 cm 

Brand Book Template File


We can send just 10 packages per month.
8 companies have applied for Jun.

It costs $4,700 included shipping. We will send you a Paypal link.
Then, You will receive the package with TNT post.