Build a Fast-Growing Brand

To Build a Fast-Growing brand, BrandAssist™ will help you to choose your appropriate brand elements, such as:


Brand Message

Unique Tagline

Logo Design Idea

Strategic Colors

Photography Style

Content for Social Media

Content for Website, Catalogues.

Strategic Difference

Specific Personality

Unique Brand Position


If your business still has no name, BrandAssist™ will help you to choose a unique Brand Name.

Weak name, logo, color, … take long time to become a brand.

Physical Package + Online Evaluation 

BrandAssist™ is a brand-building solution. Instead of face to face consulting, BrandAssist™ helps you in a step by step process to choose your branding elements.

You will receive a 50 x 35 x 10 cm sized package with post including:

      9 Strategy Boards

     20-Page Manuals (English, Arabic, Turkish and Persian)

    4 Series of Teamwork Cards

–    40 Pages Audition Form 

–    A Brand Book Document

To make sure if you have done the process accurately, we will observe your progress. Also, Whenever you face any questions, you could ask our consultant team to help you.

Make no mistake about your brand

How to Start:

1 . Fill the form & get an invoice

2 . Pay and receive the physical package

3 . Begin to fill the boards

4 . Get our online coach

5. Recieve your Brand Book



Then, Perform Your Brand…

Fill the form to get BrandAssist™

Without having any unique characteristics, you are not able to build a powerful brand. So, we need to check your unique characteristics, after that you could have  BrandAssist™:


For each brand, it costs €4700. However, based on the economic conditions of a country it differs. Please fill the form to let you know how does it cost in your country.

For more information, contact our partners in your country:


singapore @


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turkey @

First Step Is Free

You can Download the first step of both Board and Manual.
In the first step, you will categorize your audiences, different from before. This is
 is fully free.

Easy to Use

We did not use specialized branding and marketing terms. It’s easy to use with those who are not branding and marketing experts. 


All Branding Secrets

We honestly put all the branding tips and tricks in this solution. That is why BrandAssist™ helped many companies to develop their own clear and unique strategies.


All SMEs Industries

For all of the small & medium-sized business in all industries is appropriate. 

More than 100 Company Around the World
From European such as Italy, Ireland, Poland to  Emirates, Iran in Asia and The United State.

If you can not become a brand, you might fail.

70% of small business owners fail in business.