To Build up a New Business/Brnad

New, However Different.

Focus on best quality, good price, services, being reliable, well experienced and etc. are not enough to build up a different business. Because mostly all businesses say them and those are not very important for your audience.

Because in the mind of audience those are very normal standards. So, to be truly unique you have to discover a unique characteristcis based on your reality. 


Strategic Difference = Your Advantages x Audiences x Competitors

Discovering the strategic difference is essential to build a new different business. You must define and determine it  because trial & error cause high costs and time-consuming. That is why we have developed BrandAssist™.
This solution will help you in a step by step process to discover your strategic difference. You are the best person that knows your business and your emvioment. Be your consultant.

BrandAssist™ = Physical Package + Online Advice 

The physical box of BrandAssist™ contains 9 strategy boards, teamwork cards, audition forms and manuals available in English, Arabic, Tukish and Persian.

To make sure if you have done process well, we will observe your progress in 3 stations. Whenever, you face any questions, you could ask our consultant team to help you.


Easy to Use

We did not use specialized branding and marketing terms. It’s easy to use with for those who are not branding and marketing experts. 



All Branding Secrets

We honestly put all the branding tips and tricks in this solution. That is why BrandAssist™ helped many companies to develop their own clear and unique strategies.



All SMEs Industries

For all of small & medium-sized business in all industries is appropriate. 



Name, Tagline, Color & Logo

At the 8th and 9th steps of BrandAssist™, you would be able to name your brand, and write a strategic tagline under that.
Also, you will figure out what should be your logo and your color. Then you could ask your designer to design a typography, symbolic or an abstract logo.  

Do the first step

You can Download the first step of both Board and Manual. And do it for free. At the first step of BrandAssist™ you will be able to categorize your audiences different form before.
It is fully free and its manual.

More than 100 Company Around the World
From European such as Italy, Ireland, Poland to  Emirates, Iran in Asia and The United State.

To Order BrandAssist™


Without having unique characteristics you are not able to build a different business. So, we need to check your unique characteristics, after that you could have  BrandAssist™:


All alternative to get branding consultancy:


  • Books, Seminars, Free Files costs $4.


  • BrandAssist™ costs $4000.


  • Consultant aganecies cost $40,000.


BrandAssist™ Theories:

We have developed BrandAssist™ based on authoritative theories and cutting edge approaches:  

Audience Orientation

Blue Oceans

Design Thinking 

Think in 10 days, Act by 1 year

At each board, you will develop one of your brand strategies such as Target Audience, Brand Position, Brand Personality, Brand Action, StrategicTouchpoints, Strategic Contents, Brand Name, Logo idea, as well as the Brand Tagline.

A 20-page manual in 4 languages accompanies you and tells you the tips for thinking and completing the boards. If you want to have a partnership with your managers and your colleagues, you can arrange a meeting with them and think together. You will have 5 series of workshop card, which will make collaboration easier.

There will be a pdf file to complete your Brand Book. You could unveil your new Brand Book to all your colleagues and ask them to meet your new branding strategies.

In addition, there are Audition Forms in this package that help you to audit the ideas. You would be able to decide to implement or modify or reject the idea.

Brand Book will help you to eliminate half of your wasting advertising and marketing budgets. 

You will receive a 50 x 35 x 10 cm sized package with TNT including:

      9 Strategy Boards

     20-Page Manuals

    4 Series of Workshop Card

–    40 Pages Audition Form 

–     3 online Advicements

–    A Brand Book Document